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Sueson Vess created her company Special Eats to assist others on the healthy path toward embracing gluten and dairy free living.

Sueson is a chef, food coach and teaches meal planning, cooking and effective shopping. Specialties include:
*Celiac Disease
*Gluten intolerence and sensitivity
*Parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
*Multiple Foods Allergies

Gluten and dairy intolerant herself, Sueson is a former restaurateur and chef with 25 years experience in marketing and training. Teaching others to embrace nutritious and delicious gluten and dairy-free living as a path to restoring good health is her passion.

Special Eats provides consulting and training services to individuals and corporations. Sueson is an inspiring speaker and is available to speak to groups.

To hire Sueson she can be reached at:

My new toll free phone as of March 2013 is 800-981-5029 and fax is 910-759-3684

Continue to email me at

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  1. Shelby

    I just watched your DVD of “Unlocking the Mystery of Wheat and Gluten Sensitivity”. Could you please send me your slides used in that DVD?

    Thank you so much!


  2. terri flynn

    Dear Sueson
    I was a student at Flavor when you taught last week. You did a wonderful job –it was the lemon curd and meyer lemon pesto that hooked me. I left word on a answering machine after class thanking you and also wondering about your celiac support group, cooking classes in the home (mayber 6 over a 1 year time frame) and food coaching. I am newly diagnosed with celiac and was inspired by your knowledge. You can contact me, terri flynn @ 708-771-7118 or
    terri flynn

  3. Pam

    Can you freeze the “nondairy ranch style dressing/dipping sauce” after it’s made?

    Thanks for your question Pam! Although I haven’t tried to freeze it, I think it may separate after freezing, but once you thaw it out and re-blend it, I think that will work. Let me know if you try this out. Thanks for your question – Sueson

  4. Ina

    I was recently diagnosed with Gluten intolerance and am taking many supplements and have been on an elimination diet for the last 3.5 weeks. I watched your video and found it extremely fascinating. The results of all of my tests were as follows:
    Insulin Resistant
    Gluten Intolerant
    Leaky Gut
    Adrenal Fatigue
    Sensitivity to eggs
    I was just looking at your cookbook and wondered How to be thinking as I try to limit my sugar intake, remove nightshade vegetables because of the inflammation I am experiencing while eliminating all of the”other” foods. I could use some advice and I will preface this by saying I am TOTALLY committed to following my Chiropractor’s instructions to a t. And I have been doing that.Thanks for any help.

  5. Pam

    I’m starting to do more baking and have a couple of questions…Is “All Purpose Baking Mix” the same as a flour blend and, you recommend preparing two flour blends. One with xanthan or guar gum and another without gum. Would I just prepare the flour blend the same for both but eliminate the gum in one batch? Thanks again! Pam

    Great question about gluten free baking – I wrote a post with the answer!

  6. Crystal Erickson

    My daughter is gluten, dairy, and corn sensitive. She will only eat veggies with dips but I am having a hard time finding recipes she can tolerate and enjoy. I did find your recipe for ranch dressing and will try that. Do you have any other recipes that she may like?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Crystal Erickson

    • Sueson

      This could be something your daughter would like:

      Another dipping sauce recipe is:
      Apricot Dipping Sauce: REALLY easy:
      Apricot Dipping Sauce Ingredients:
      1 jar apricot or peach jam (fruit juice sweetened)
      1 tablespoon lemon or lime juice
      1 teaspoon horseradish
      Mix all ingredients together and serve. Good with chicken fingers. Although good with many things. The little bit of horseradish cuts the sweetness and makes it quite good and NOT spicy.

      Other things for dipping: Hummus, any homemade salad dressing and you can change flavors with various herbs and spices or guacamole.

  7. Mary Bryson

    I was at the Southern Pines farmers market today. Wanted to see you but was with someone else and about 9:15 we had to leave. I have spinal stenosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia . Had read your article last week in Paper. Wanted to talk about food that help pain. Thanks

    • Sueson

      I’ll be back at the Saturday, Southern Pines Farmers Market this Saturday, September 27 9:30-noon with a beef bone broth made with grass fed beef from Hilltop Angus and a vegan Butternut Squash and Apple Curry. Stop and see me or email me at

  8. Trina Allen

    Hi Sueson!
    I attended a class at Calvary Church about two years or so ago. You told us about a Broth made with cumin, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, cloves, mustard seed powder, black pepper, chili powder, garlic, ginger and cinnamon. I purchased a cook book from you but I don’t recall seeing the receipe for the broth. Anyhow, I saw someone who also heard you teach about this broth a few days ago. She purchased the Power Blend for the broth and gave me some. I went to a website named: to purchase some, but this site no longer exist. Could you please forward me some information on how I can purchase this broth or it’s ingredients.

    Thank You,

    • Sueson

      The vegetarian spice mixture is a mixture called “Power Blend” and it is available through registered dietitian Deepa Deshmukh, Sadly, we recently closed Cumin & Clove due to manufacturing struggles. Thanks for your interest. I’m sure that Deepa can help provide the Power Blend.

  9. Cherry Miller

    We made your bone soup yesterday, which is now sitting in jars in the refrigerator. My concern is that it is cloudy. When I tasted your’s at the farmer’s market it was clear. Did we do something wrong?

    • Sueson

      Hi Cherry. I know that we spoke on the phone regarding this issue, but in case others have had the same question, cloudy broth can be from cooking the broth over too high heat and “boiling” versus a low simmer OR placing the broth into the refrigerator before it has cooled. Neither will negatively impact the flavor of the broth, only the appearance. Keep making more broth! It is so good for you. I’m happy that you are trying.

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