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Helpful Information

Helpful Information

Special Eats has links to various articles, brochures and information that may be of interest and assistance in the education process after you have received a diagnosis.
Article discussing Leaky Gut Syndrome and Increased Intestinal Permeability
Enjoy Life Foods provides a brochure that lists all the various names a particular allergen, like wheat, gluten and dairy may be called. This list is helpful when reading food labels.

Venturing Out of the House: Restaurant Realities by Danna Korn
Meals For You is an online resource that allows users to select ingredients and exclude the food groups of your particular concern. The website will search for recipes that meet your special needs (for free). Use the advanced search feature. 

Special Eats — a new direction in gluten- and dairy-free living
with a positive focus on great tasting foods and possibilities.



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